A Power Inverter is a kind of electrical device that converts DC power (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). Mostly a battery power source like battery from a vehicle (car, truck, bus, boat and airplane) is built with a DC power source to enable them to start their engine and other particular accessories.

Determining Why Do We Need Power Inverters?

Why do we need Power Inverters? A lot of people nowadays are traveling overseas and buying stuffs. One of the stuffs they buy are electrical appliances and other electronic devices. Some electrical appliances require AC (Alternating Current) High Power source (110VAC for European and Western Country, 220VAC Asia and Middle East County) that’s why we need power inverters.

Some Of The Uses Of Power Inverters:


Camping With Your Rover “RV”s at parks that do not provide electricity, A TV, toaster, Blender, Refrigeration unit For your Food and Beer, Needs a AC power Source.

Emergency Units.

For medical equipment, blood pressure cuff or oxygen monitor, Examination rooms may also have medical equipment such as digital thermometers and nebulizer machines, mostly found on an ambulance.

Power Failures.

In a Black Out or Power Failures, just plug the power inverter in your vehicle. Start the motor and it can run a radio to tune into important alerts, watch TV, play video games and can even run your PC or laptops.

Car Gadget’s Power Source.

You can also use this kind of inverters in a custom vehicle, some of the examples of a custom vehicles are featured on MTV Pimp My RIDE (it’s a reality TV show with rapper, Xzibit and the good people at West Coast Customs where they make people’s cars go from dirt to pimped in this 30 minute show that airs weekly on MTV last year.)

Making your car a one of a kind luxury vehicle should have all sorts of gadgets needed. Some of these gadgets are Flat-screen portable TV, DVD players, Desktop PC, Game Consoles like Xbox, Sony Playstation and Sega Dreamcast, a refrigeration unit and you can even include a sing along system.

All of the things mentioned above need an AC power line so that you can use it. Since the vehicle only provide a 12 VDC to 24 VDC maximum voltage source, you need to provide an AC power source, and the only reliable and most compact ways to implement this kind of sophistication is a Power Inverter.

You could also plug your inverter to a cigarette lighter on the dashboard and there’s your standard power source.

Choosing A Good Power Inverter

  • Has About Efficiency of 90%
  • Power output ÷ Power input x 100%
  • Has A Temperature and overload protection.
  1. Battery over-voltage and under-voltage protection.
  2. With Cooling Fan.
  • Portable.
  • Totally Silent Operation.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Regulated Output To Protect Sensitive Equipment.

Unlike the other two (AC/DC), Pure Sine Wave inverters, Pure Sine Wave Output and Modified Sine Wave – Phase Corrected Output produce a better and cleaner current.

  • Economical.

Power inverters doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it is safe and efficient to use. Choosing the best quality but inexpensive power inverter products would be a wise move for buyers.

Choosing The Power Inverter That Matches Your Needs

As the title suggest is pretty much self-explanatory. Choosing the right power inverter that matches what you need is possibly one of the most important thing that you have to do first before buying anything in you typical electronic store or your favorite online electronic shop.


  • TV that Have 75 watts require a 100 watts Power inverter
  • 400 watts Toaster Require at least 500 watts Power inverter
  • DVD Player Require 100 watts Power inverter.

Do’s and Dont’s When You Have Power Inverters At Home

  • Don’t put your power inverter to wet surfaces.

It’s pretty self-explanatory actually, a power inverter is an electrical device and in physics 101, water conducts electricity. Putting any electrical devices near wet or watery surfaces may cause electrocution to anyone near the device.

  • Do not plug a 1500 watts appliances to a 1000 watts power inverters.
  • Put your power inverters to stable position.

Vibration will shake the component of your power inverter and eventually malfunction due component break down.

  • Use standard and insulated wires in wiring your power inverter.

Poor wiring may lead to short-circuit and may cause fire outbreaks.

  • Over Loading The power inverter (Maximum Power Limits)

Overloading the power inverter over it’s maximum power limit isn’t a good idea for it may cause it to explode.